07/02/2016 – Let’s get started!

I will be using this blog to keep on track of my current projects and such.

My current updates will be on my Final Year University Project, for which I am a freelance-animator. I am helping out 5 or 6 groups this semester. 3/4 Games (one of which is an in-engine short film/cut-scene), 1 VFX piece & 1 motion graphics project.

‘Adorable journey’ is a mobile phone game. So the characters are very small, simple and don’t need much animation.

I have been tasked with the job of creating 6 small rigs and creating four animation cycles on each. (This is going well considering I haven’t attempted to rig anything myself before!)

So far I’ve done two of the rigs, and both have a simple walk cycle.

Pig Character:



Boss Character:



I have also completed 1st pass animation on Shot 11 of the VFX project, Noctern.


I plan to start work on two other shots for Noctern along with the other four Rigs and other animations for said characters for Adorable Journey.



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