16/02/2016 – Last minute posing.


I was asked to complete the rig in one day and to pose the character for pre-alpha. The rig is not complete. I still have a lot of skinning to do on the legs.

I have been given the model for another game, and I have a list of animations to complete for that.

Idle animation – looking around for something to kill, also going to act as a pause for when its looking for the player, it should be a little on edge, like its really hungry.
2 Attacks – 1 bite, 1 claw swipe to be used at the end of a leap forward.
Jump animations – This ones a bit funny, we want it be to be able jump down off ledges and leap towards locations, possibly up to places but we might need a few depending on what angle its jumping towards.
Aggressive sprint – something fast and intimidating.


I have also done another Rig for Adorable Journey, with a few animations to go with it.

Rig –


Idle –


Walk –



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