23/02/2016 – Oops.

I need to get better at keeping up to date with posts…

Out of the list of Animations from the previous post, I’ve managed to get a basic idea for their characters sprint


I have done many different versions over the past few days to get to this stage, but we think this is the one we’re going with. Just got a bit more tweaking to do, along with creating different speeds for different sized creatures.

I wont be posting all of the animations until I’ve sorted out the evidence reel once all are done for Adorable Journey but I have completed two of the four character sets. (Including Rig and Animations)

I have two characters to finish, each with 2 to 3 animations left. I have also another rig/animation set to do for this project, once the models are done.

I did put together a short evidence reel for the pre-alpha hand-in. But I lost it… Oops.





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