09/03/2016 – One Small Step

Today was a meeting with One Small Step, we spoke to our executive tutor and there was a lot of feedback about shot construction and such.

I also talked about my own recent work, this was the feedback:

Sankofa – Is the camera locked – in which case set a maya camera up as a guide and then get the camera closer through the shot or maybe even start closer? For an emotional shot we need to be in closer to the action.

Nocturn – could creature push outwards from the tree trunk and then go into the movement that is already animated.

Taylor – character drawn well, wait to see what Taylor does with it.

One Small Step – walk cycle seems slow at present. 150% is better. Try throwing his shoulders back a bit to push chest out and make him seem more important – make him feel taller than he really is. Could feet stamp down a bit.

Next to do: More work on One Small Step, final passes for Nocturns, couple of other scenes for Sankofa.

There was a lot of feedback for One Small Step. Mainly about shot construction and such.

Video containing the walk cycle for One Small Step, Cut scene previs, Noctern shot 13 – 2nd pass and Celerities finished painting:



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