17/04/2016 – Not long left!

I’ve managed to get the shots for One Small Step close to being finished.








I have gotten a list of off Chaos Circuit for the animations that need doing for their Robot character:

Most important:

– Idle
– Run/Skate < we are thinking of having the robot skate around on the wheels like rollerbladeing or a ice-skater?
– Aim gun forward
– Fire gun/recoil/recover < fires gun, recoils, then recovers back to aim position (plays from aim anim)
– Jump cycle < jump off/mid air/ land

Still important-ish:

– Walk/ Slow skate < that blends with the run/normal skate
– Machine fire < there is a robot variant that fires multiple shots, so a smaller version (less exaggerated) of the fire/recoil/recover that is only a few frames might help
– Hit reaction animations < like with the beast when it gets hit




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