30/04/2016 – Count down to Gold Submission!

One Small Step has been my main focus over the last week.

These are the play blasts for the shots I’ve completed using the Lady Bug rig that was completed recently





I’ve also done a couple more of just the main character.




The walk cycle is also complete now, this is a process shot in-engine…

The light green parts are now completed and are like that so I can focus purely on what I need to be doing/checking up on in the last few days.

27/04/2016 – Last meeting…


Spent previous week working on many things

Spaced – nicely animated and not over animated, well done

Tweaking and neatening the nocturne film shots – the tweaked version is much better than before. Third shot is bat like, feels alive.

One Small Step – walk cycle – arms a bit stiff – issues with connection with ground but that is the other student’s problem!

Carry on with all the tweaks  -and get the ladybug in.

[Awaiting info from different groups about what to finish]

23/04/2016 – Last minute help-out.

So I did a last minute test shot for another group’s film called Spaced.  –


I’ve also done a jump animation for Chaos Circuit and I am awaiting to see if they have worked out ok. I’m also waiting for Sankofa to get back to me on their cut scene, along with this I’m awaiting One Small Step’s feedback and info on other shots that could need doing.

20/04/2016 – Group Meeting… Kinda.


Feedback notes:

confident walk cycle is working

Face reaction for ladybird shooting shot – maybe drop the gun down after the face shows the oh no reaction

Range of amusing shooting poses is good.

Twitch the head as well as the eye on shot 8

Consider using the non gun hand in the shooting animations – could it do something? Hi Mum sign?

The non One Small Step scenes are really good, well done.

Keep working!

18/04/2016 – Cleaning up.

Spent today cleaning up files and checking up on groups. My schedule looks a lot clearer now, I know exactly what I need to be doing. (‘sept for One Small Step as half the group’s away so I’m awaiting their return…)


Two animations for the Robot for Chaos Circuit are complete, along with the shooting animations, which are still to be tested in engine before I keep going with those.

Skating style run and walk cycles.



17/04/2016 – Not long left!

I’ve managed to get the shots for One Small Step close to being finished.








I have gotten a list of off Chaos Circuit for the animations that need doing for their Robot character:

Most important:

– Idle
– Run/Skate < we are thinking of having the robot skate around on the wheels like rollerbladeing or a ice-skater?
– Aim gun forward
– Fire gun/recoil/recover < fires gun, recoils, then recovers back to aim position (plays from aim anim)
– Jump cycle < jump off/mid air/ land

Still important-ish:

– Walk/ Slow skate < that blends with the run/normal skate
– Machine fire < there is a robot variant that fires multiple shots, so a smaller version (less exaggerated) of the fire/recoil/recover that is only a few frames might help
– Hit reaction animations < like with the beast when it gets hit



13/04/2016 – Back into the flow of things.

Some update videos –

Sankofa Cutsene…


One Small Step finished shots…



Chaos Circuit Beast walk cycle to blend with the run… (Will be slowed in game.)


Wanderlust sitting Idle…




12/04/2016 – Ahahaha……….

So I’ve been neglecting posts… it’s been the easter holidays so I’ve been plodding along with some bits and pieces. I’ve completed a walk to blend into a run for Chaos Circuit and also almost finished the cut scene for Sankofa, Wanderlust have asked me to do a sitting idle for their Leo character and I need to polish off the shots for Nocturn. The shots for One Small Step are slow going but once I get some feedback I can finish those off.

Once I’m back into the swing of things tomorrow I will post up some play blasts and such.

For now… here’s how my schedule is looking –



18/03/2016 – Getting better! Ish!

Got another in-game animation done for Sankofa, a slip for steep slopes.


An update on the cut-scene with textures.


I also got given some really basic models to rig and animate for little extra backround characters for Sankofa.



Current schedule –Capture



16/03/2016 – Still ill…

I didn’t get to go along to the meeting today, due to being ill but I sent the updates video anyway and got some feedback –


Shot 11 – Roswell turning – nice and snappy, works well.

Shot 16 – need to see the pole extend from both ends – at present half of it is hidden behind the character (if this is the final camera framing) and it’s not clear – the motion is fine, just make sure the audience can see the pole extend from both ends.

Current walk cycle – feels a bit too jolly and not martial enough – needs to almost hold poses on key frames to make him proud – the movement will become slower as a result (won’t walk so far into the scene) but will make him look like he think’s he’s powerful – look at soldiers doing ceremonial marching.


11/03/2016 – More coffee please…

I’ve managed to get the standing up animation done for Sankofa.


Nearly there on Wanderlust’s Leo character jump.


Also gotten One Small Step’s walk cycle pretty solid.


Blocked out Shot 16 of their film too.





09/03/2016 – One Small Step

Today was a meeting with One Small Step, we spoke to our executive tutor and there was a lot of feedback about shot construction and such.

I also talked about my own recent work, this was the feedback:

Sankofa – Is the camera locked – in which case set a maya camera up as a guide and then get the camera closer through the shot or maybe even start closer? For an emotional shot we need to be in closer to the action.

Nocturn – could creature push outwards from the tree trunk and then go into the movement that is already animated.

Taylor – character drawn well, wait to see what Taylor does with it.

One Small Step – walk cycle seems slow at present. 150% is better. Try throwing his shoulders back a bit to push chest out and make him seem more important – make him feel taller than he really is. Could feet stamp down a bit.

Next to do: More work on One Small Step, final passes for Nocturns, couple of other scenes for Sankofa.

There was a lot of feedback for One Small Step. Mainly about shot construction and such.

Video containing the walk cycle for One Small Step, Cut scene previs, Noctern shot 13 – 2nd pass and Celerities finished painting:


08/03/2016 – kitty refreshment!

After a trip 12825283_10208450298397156_1874734655_nhome, and some time with my lovely cat, I feel refreshed and ready to keep going with the eight projects I’m working on!

I’ve managed to get a walk cycle base done for One small step and I’m meeting up with the group today to workout some shots to get started on.

I have also gotten the cut scene for Sankofa started and have the first half more-or-less finished. I have also gotten their standing-from-sleeping (An idle I have also finished) almost finished.

My schedule looks like this at the moment –




28/02/2016 – Still alive.

[I started this in the morning of the 28th, it’s now the 29th. Oops…]

I’ve managed to get a video recording of my Leo rig for Wanderlust. (I may be adding some more to it eventually as helper joints may be needed.


I have also completed a run and an idle for their Alpha submission.



The Beast for Chaos Circuit now has an idle, a basic bite attack, a bite attack from a run, a small run variation along with a big run variation.





I also need to finish my character illustration for Celerity.

wip WIP5009

26/02/2016 – A long-ass day…

I spent today attacking the Leo rig for Wanderlust… With help from a rigger-friend…

It still needs a lot of work, but I’ve managed to get a basic walk from it –


Sankofa’s sleeping kit animation has also been finished.


Started the next shot for Nocturne…


And did a bit more for the first one I was working on…


23/02/2016 – Oops.

I need to get better at keeping up to date with posts…

Out of the list of Animations from the previous post, I’ve managed to get a basic idea for their characters sprint


I have done many different versions over the past few days to get to this stage, but we think this is the one we’re going with. Just got a bit more tweaking to do, along with creating different speeds for different sized creatures.

I wont be posting all of the animations until I’ve sorted out the evidence reel once all are done for Adorable Journey but I have completed two of the four character sets. (Including Rig and Animations)

I have two characters to finish, each with 2 to 3 animations left. I have also another rig/animation set to do for this project, once the models are done.

I did put together a short evidence reel for the pre-alpha hand-in. But I lost it… Oops.




16/02/2016 – Last minute posing.


I was asked to complete the rig in one day and to pose the character for pre-alpha. The rig is not complete. I still have a lot of skinning to do on the legs.

I have been given the model for another game, and I have a list of animations to complete for that.

Idle animation – looking around for something to kill, also going to act as a pause for when its looking for the player, it should be a little on edge, like its really hungry.
2 Attacks – 1 bite, 1 claw swipe to be used at the end of a leap forward.
Jump animations – This ones a bit funny, we want it be to be able jump down off ledges and leap towards locations, possibly up to places but we might need a few depending on what angle its jumping towards.
Aggressive sprint – something fast and intimidating.


I have also done another Rig for Adorable Journey, with a few animations to go with it.

Rig –


Idle –


Walk –


15/02/2016 – A more complex rig.

dsadsaThis character is the second one for Wanderlust. I have been asked to rig this guy! I have some concerns about how it will turn out… but I will be trying my best!

After he is rigged I will be animating him too.


I have also done a basic jump animation and one other idle for their first character. (There are a few more that will need doing after these)




The creators also sent me a short clip of the animation in engine.


Due to typology issues I will be re-doing Adorable Journey’s animations as well as re-skinning. I plan to get those done as soon as the new models have been sent through to me.

There is also one other character that needs animating by me. One other person is potentially helping out with some of the smaller characters/enemies.


10/02/2016 – Yet another game!

So I’ve been asked to work for another group, for a game called Wanderlust.

They have two characters, a young boy (Umi) and a big-cat.

I re-skinned Umi and tweaked the rig in general before use as it wasn’t finished.

I have started work on the boy and here are the animations so far – [These are still works in progress to an extent.]

Walk cycle –


Run cycle –


Breathing Idle –


Idle two –


I have also started on Sankofa’s fox character (Kit). [The rig is not yet finished and so the face hasn’t been animated yet.]


I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I’m going to be keeping on track and hopefully will get it all done to a high standard!


07/02/2016 – Let’s get started!

I will be using this blog to keep on track of my current projects and such.

My current updates will be on my Final Year University Project, for which I am a freelance-animator. I am helping out 5 or 6 groups this semester. 3/4 Games (one of which is an in-engine short film/cut-scene), 1 VFX piece & 1 motion graphics project.

‘Adorable journey’ is a mobile phone game. So the characters are very small, simple and don’t need much animation.

I have been tasked with the job of creating 6 small rigs and creating four animation cycles on each. (This is going well considering I haven’t attempted to rig anything myself before!)

So far I’ve done two of the rigs, and both have a simple walk cycle.

Pig Character:



Boss Character:



I have also completed 1st pass animation on Shot 11 of the VFX project, Noctern.


I plan to start work on two other shots for Noctern along with the other four Rigs and other animations for said characters for Adorable Journey.